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Cooperating Personnel (CP) & Supervisors

Cooperating Personnel Responsibilities


CoTE recognizes that cooperating personnel have a primary responsibility to the students they serve.  It is important, however, that clinical experiences afford candidates an opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate his/her educational practice as well as cope with the responsibility of teaching.  With this in mind, responsibilities of cooperating personnel are the following:

1.  To orient the candidate to the total school setting, including any safety concerns, school policies, and duties or responsibilities of the faculty;

2.  To help the candidate understand his/her role as it relates to his/her teaching assignment and the total school program and to define the extent of his/her responsibility and authority;

3.  To discuss the district program with the candidate so that he/she will understand classroom activities in relation to immediate and long-term teaching goals;

4.  To provide opportunities for the candidate to gain experience in management of regular school duties as soon as advisable and with as much initiative and responsibility as the situation will permit;

5.  To provide an opportunity for full management, including preparation, instruction, and evaluation, for a sufficiently long period to provide a representative total teaching experience;

6.  To work with the University supervisor in guiding the progress of the candidate throughout the field experience;

7.  To cooperate with University personnel to assure that academic assignments/requirements are completed;

8.  To evaluate the candidate's progress on a continuing basis, gathering and recording information for the following:

- Regularly conferring with the candidate for purposes of analysis, feedback, and guidance;

- Providing data and evidence in writing for the University supervisor to use in determining the candidate's grade;

9.  To serve a model and information source, helping the candidate improve teaching skills, strategies, student-teacher rapport, and understanding of both cognitive and affective aspects of teaching.