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Cooperating Personnel (CP) & Supervisors

Criteria for Serving as a Cooperating Teacher for Student Teachers or School Personnel Mentor


Establishing the criteria for selection of cooperating teachers is the joint responsibility of CoTE and the individual preparation programs.  Many factors must be weighed when making the selection of the "best possible" learning sites for our candidates.  Specific placement procedures vary within programs and with individual school districts.  Each professional education program is responsible to ensure that cooperating teachers meet the CoTE minimum criteria (see list below) and any additional requirements established by the program.  All clinical experience placements are finalized through procedures agreed upon by both the school district and the professional education program.

Cooperating Personnel must meet the following CoTE minimum criteria: *

1.  be legally licensed and qualified to teach in the subject areas assigned;

2.  be directly engaged in teaching subject matter or conducting learning activities in the area of student teaching;

3.  have three or more years of teaching experience with a master's degree (preferred);

4.  has received a proficient or above performance rating in most recent evaluation;

5.  be willing to collaborate with Urbana campus clinical faculty;

6.  be willing to allow the candidate to complete program expectations.

* Meeting the CoTE minimum criteria does not guarantee a student teacher placement. 

All programs must have a written report on file with CoTE that includes:

1.  a list of any requirements beyond those above for cooperating teachers;

2.  a description of how clinical placements are made within each program;

3.  a plan for how requirements for cooperating teachers will be shared with the cooperating teachers and districts.