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Subsequent Endorsements

Subsequent Endorsements

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has specific subsequent teaching endorsements (outside of the initial grade range) which can be added to an initial (PEL) license.  As a licensure candidate, you can also pursue adding subsequent endorsements as well.  Click here to find the most current ISBE information on endorsement options and requirements. 

For the subsequent endorsements of Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language, Reading Teacher, and Technology Specialist, the University of Illinois has specific courses for these endorsements which meet ISBE requirements.  Click on the endorsement you are interested in to find information about the endorsement and ISBE requirements. 

State endorsement requirements are subject to change without notice and you are not guaranteed protection from such changes.  It is in your best interest to complete requirements and apply for subsequent endorsements as soon as possible.  Should the Illinois State Board of Education require changes prior to your endorsement(s) being processed, you may be required to complete additional coursework.

Per State requirements, no grade below a C- may be used for licensure, endorsement, or approval.