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Cooperating Personnel (CP) & Supervisors

What is a Tuition/Fee Waiver?

A full semester Tuition and Service Fee waiver (TFW) is available to all cooperating personnel who host a student teacher/intern (and/or an Early Field Experience candidate for more than 45 clock hours).  Please note:

  • Certain restrictions apply!  Receipt of TFW from CoTE does not guarantee the ability to use said TFW for all programs and/or courses.  

  • Individual programs/departments may restrict the use of TFW for their courses.  It is your responsibility to check with the host department to see if your waiver can apply to courses in which you enroll.

  • A TFW may not be used until the semester following the term in which it is earned, and must be used within four terms of its issue.  It is not transferable. 

  • Waivers redeemed are applied to your bill for that semester they were redeemed in.

  • Tuition waivers can be transferred to UIC and UIS.  Waivers transferred to the University of Illinois Springfield are only redeemable for 4 credit hours of tuition and fees.

  • Student insurance fees will be automatically assessed and are not covered by the waiver.  It may be possible for you to receive an exemption of this fee.

  • Cooperating Personnel waivers cannot be used for approved cost recovery or self-supporting programs. These courses are typically identified in the class schedule as self-supporting.  It is your responsibility to identify if you are in a self-supporting program and/or registered in a self-supporting course.  For additional assistance with determining whether your waiver can be applied to your program/course of choice, please reach out to your program.  See below for information on cost recovery and self-supporting programs for the three campuses where your waiver may be applied: