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Licensure FAQ

Licensure FAQ

General Questions


Q:  Who should I contact if I have questions about licensure?

A:  Email or call 217-333-2804.


Q:  How do I access my student portal

A:  Click on the Log In button in the upper-right corner.


Q:  What is the GPA Requirement?

A:  The minimum overall grade point average requirement for undergraduate students is 2.5.  Graduate programs require a minimum 3.0 overall GPA.   The overall GPA includes grades for transfer and UIUC courses.


Q:  What is the Course Grade of C- or Higher Requirement*?

A:  State law requires that all coursework in the content and professional education areas have grades of C- or higher.  Coursework with a grade lower than C- cannot be used to meet licensure requirements.  This applies to subsequent endorsements and/or approvals as well.  For graduate students, this includes undergraduate courses used toward meeting program requirements.  

* Beginning in Fall 2022, "CR" grades can no longer be accepted for licensure, endorsement, or approval requirements.


Q:  When will I get my license and when will it expire?

A:  Your license will be issued when you logon at ELIS, claim your license, and pay your fees. It will be valid until June 30th immediately following five years of being issued.