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Welcome to the Professional Educator/Licensure programs at the University of Illinois. The Council on Teacher Education (CoTE) is a very important unit (and an important acronym) for you to remember as you prepare for your career as a professional educator.  The Council or "CoTE" oversees the 31 professional educator programs on campus and ensures that all programs meet Illinois licensure requirements. 

CoTE is the appointed institutional unit which can entitle candidates for state licensure and ensures all requirements for approved programs are met.  We are here to help you navigate requirements, understand procedures, and support you on your path to licensure.  It is our goal that this handbook and the explanations provided help you understand what professional educator licensure in Illinois requires and how your chosen program at the University of Illinois meets these requirements. 

Faculty and staff in your respective licensure areas have used their knowledge, research, and expertise to design the highest quality coursework and clinical experiences to prepare you as a classroom teacher, administrator, or school service professional.  CoTE has worked closely with program faculty and staff in the design of your program and the policies and procedures which have been developed to guide you.

We will be communicating important information to you throughout your preparation at Illinois.  If you have any questions please contact us by email at, by phone at 217-333-2804, or stop by in person at Room 120, Education Building.

Jill Donnel

Executive Director

Jill Donnel